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Today Tnpsc Group1 mains challenge-Ocean Relief

Ocean Relief:
Ocean relief is largely due to tectonic, volcanic, erosional and depositional processes and their interactions. Ocean relief features are divided into major and minor relief features.

Major Ocean Relief Features:
1. the continental shelf,
2. the continental slope,
3. the continental rise,
4. the Deep Sea Plain or the abyssal plain.

Minor Ocean Relief Features:
1. Ridges,
2. Hills,
3. Seamounts,
4. Guyots,
5. Trenches,
6. Canyons,
7. Sleeps,
8. Fracture zones,
9. Island arcs,
10. Atolls,
11. Coral reefs,
12. Submerged volcanoes and
13. Sea-scarps.