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TNPSC GROUP 4 CHALLENGE-Geographical Facts &Social and Cultural Facts about Tamil Nadu

Geographical Facts about Tamil Nadu

• Tamil Nadu borders with 3 states – Karnataka in northwest, Andhra Pradesh in north, Kerala in West. The Nilgiris and the Anamalai are hill groups with max height.

• The highest peak of Nilgiris is Dodabetta which stands at 2640 m above sea level.

• Western ghat comes on the whole length of western part. The Palghat gap about 25 Km in width is the only marked break in western ghat range. Western ghats in the south of Palghat is known as Anamali range or Elephant Hills.

• Eastern part of Tamil Nadu contains Palani Hills. Famous hill station Kodaikanal is situated on Palani Hills. It is 11th largest state by area and sixth by population.

• Kanchipuram is the largest district of Tamil Nadu by area.

• Chennai is largest by population.

• The major rivers are Kaveri, Palar, Cheyyar, Ponnaiyar, Meyar, Bhavani, Amravati, Vaigal, Chittar and Tamaraparni. The 760 Km long kaveri is the biggest river of this state.

Social and Cultural Facts about Tamil Nadu

• Tamil language is one of the oldest and longest surviving classical languages of world which is still in use in its original form.

• Literacy of Tamil Nadu is 80.3 % which is much higher than national average of 74.04 %. Tamil Nadu is 8th most literate state of India.

• M S Swaminathan who is called as Father of Green Revolution of India belonged to this state.

• Rameshwaram is of extreme religious importance. Ramanathswamy temple, located on Rameswaram island is a temple dedicated to Shiva.

• It is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of Shiva.

• It has a set of corridors which together measure 3,850 feet making it longest corridor in world. Rameshwaram is also one of four pilgrimage centers of Char Dham.

• Other three are Kedarnath, Dwarka and Puri. Bhakti movement started from Tamil Nadu and spread towards north India. Bharat Natyam is the popular traditional dance of state.

• Kolattam, Karagam and Mayilattam are the famous folk dances of this state.

• Pongal is the main festival of this state which is marked with harvest season.

• Jallikattu is the festival of bull fight. Other festivals include Adipperukku, Mahamangam, Mamalapuram etc. Main festivals of Tamil Nadu are Pongal which is a harvest festival.

• Chitirai-Madurai, Adipperukku are other festivals meant for sowing season on banks of river.

• Mahamangam is a fest while Mamalapuram is dance festival.