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Hong kong issue 1.Do you agree that Hong kong issue is a colonial hangover? 2.How colonization and decolonization of India differ from China? 3. Impact of colonization on Indian culture, society and polity is severe compare to china-Discuss 4.What is opium war? Do you agree that it resulted in cutting of Chinese melon? 5.Compare Chinese boxer movement with revolt of 1857 in India. 6.Protest in Hong kong proved that Chinese concept of one country two system failed – Discuss 7. Analyze the economic impact of Hong kong issue on china. 8.Discuss Indias reaction to Hong kong issue. Write its impact on Indian economy. 9.Compare retake Hong kong movement with umbrella movement 10.Compare may 4th Chinese movement with Indian swadhesi movement. 11.Great personalities decide the course of history. Discuss that in the background of chInese revolution. 12.Analyse Fugitive Offenders Ordinance and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance of china. 13.What is greater bay area plan? Write the impact of Hong kong issue on Greater bay area plan of China Possible Mains Question GIST TO THE TOPIC HONG KONG ISSUE has its seed in 2018 HOMICIDE of POON HIU WING IN TAIWAN. HONG KONG and TAIWAN does not have any treaty, since the goverment of CHINA does not recognise the sovereignty of TAIWAN. TO RESOLVE the issue, hong kong Govrement proposed the FUGUTIVE OFFENDERS AND MUTUAL LEGAL ASSITANCES IN CRIMINAL MATTERS (AMENDENT) BILL 2019. The inclusion of mainland china in the amendment is of concern to different sector of socitey. The city Jurisdiction would merge with mainland china which administered by the communist party. The CIVIL HUMAN RIGHTS FRONNT LAUNCHED protest march againt BILL. The PROTEST have been described as separetism riotsfaciliated by foreign forces.